frequently asked questions

I've never been to your facility, How do i get started?

You can visit RX Sports Recovery on a drop-in basis for all our recovery modalities, within our business hours, no appointment needed! If you'd like to try RX Sports Recovery for the first time, the day pass for $25 is a great option and allows access to all modalities with no time limit. If you are under 18 you MUST have a parent/guardian with you to sign a health waiver. To load a new membership you may do so on this website under the 'membership' option in the navigation bar OR you may load any membership at our facility. TIP: If you are under 18 and a parent/guardian cannot accompany you on your first visit, load your membership type on this website the day of your visit, the health waiver is at the end of sign-up.

I've already been to your facility, how do I join again?

If you have already been to our facility we have all your information. Simply drop-in to begin and our staff can help load any membership you wish to start again. You can also load a membership type under the ‘membership’ tab by clicking on your option and sign in. Do not create a new account if you’ve already been to our facility.

IF I got a membership, what does that include?

Our variety of memberships allows access to all our recovery modalities with no time limits and guidance from our expert staff. To browse all our recovery modalities available, please visit the 'services' page in the navigation bar. Members also receive discounts on all our supplemental services which can also be found on the 'services' page.

What should I bring on my visit?

If you are under 18, a parent or guardian will need to accompany you to sign a health waiver. Some additional items to bring are attire you would like to wear in the contrast therapy tubs. Male athletes usually wear trunks or shorts and female athletes usually wear spandex and sports bra or a swimsuit. RX Sports Recovery has plenty of towels for you to use but feel free to bring your own. Bring a change of dry clothes for when you are finished in the tubs.

This is new to me, Is there staff available to help me?

We have in-house, full-time staff to get you started. The staff are all very knowledgable and can guide you in the right direction. Careful instructions will be provided for the use of all modalities as well as information and education of how it works to help prevent injury and enhance performance. Feel free to share with us specific problems you are having to help decide the best treatment options to use.

ARe there locker rooms available?

RX Sports Recovery has a private bathroom and a shower that is available to all our members, supplied with shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and lotion. Personal items can be placed in the cubbies that are also provided for members. 

Do I need a Physician referral?

We are a non-clinical facility and do not require a referral. However, we encourage you to seek the appropriate medical attention prior to your visit if you have or think you have a serious injury. Additionally, if you have any previous medical conditions please be advised by your physician prior to your visit.

How do I make an appointment for supplemental services?

RX Sports Recovery also offers supplemental services to members or non members. More information on supplemental services is on the 'services' page in the navigation bar. To call and inquire about these services or make an appointment you may do so by calling RX Sports Recovery at 720-389-9663 or email the Director of Recovery & Performance at

IS there any contracts or long-term COMMITMENTS?

The 'fine print' of our monthly- unlimited is that you have the membership for at least two consecutive months. All other membership options expire at some point. Our staff members can help you decide on what membership would be the best for you based on how long you will use it and how often.

Do you offer Free trials?

We do not offer any free trials. However, if you purchase a day pass and decide to upgrade to any of our membership options within a month, we can apply that day pass to the membership upgrade, making your initial visit a free one.

How Do I cancel my membership?

We require a 30-day, written notice to cancel.  You may cancel a monthly- unlimited membership by filling out the 'submissions form.' This form is located on the 'contact' page located in the navigation bar. Or you may e-mail your cancellation request. 


**If you have additional questions please call RX Sports Recovery at 720-389-9663, fill out a contact form, or email